Providing Care For Your Spouse? Signs It's Time For A Skilled Nursing Facility

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Providing Care For Your Spouse? Signs It's Time For A Skilled Nursing Facility

18 April 2023
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If you're the primary caregiver for your spouse, the time may come when you need extra help. When that happens, skilled nursing care may be the right option for your spouse. That's where a nursing home or assisted living community comes into the picture. These types of facilities give your spouse the extra care they need. If you're spending more time caring for your spouse, read the list provided below. If you recognize any of these issues, it's time to get skilled nursing care for your spouse. 

Behavior Changes

If your spouse has behavior changes, it's time to consider a nursing facility. Behavior changes can be difficult to care for. That's especially true if the behavior changes include aggression or agitation. Conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia increase the risk of aggressive behavior. If you're unable to provide care for those types of behavior changes, a nursing facility is one of the best options for your spouse.  

Memory Problems

If your spouse is suffering from memory problems or confusion, it's time to talk to their doctor about skilled nursing care. Memory problems and mental confusion can put your spouse at risk of accidents and injuries. The risk increases if your spouse has wandered away from home. Or, if your spouse has forgotten to turn the stove off at home. If memory problems and confusion put you or your spouse at risk, skilled nursing care is a smart option. A nursing facility will provide a safe and secure environment for your spouse.  

Caregiver Stress

Caring for an aging spouse can become a full-time job. Depending on the level of care your spouse needs, you can experience a lot of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, elevated stress levels can put your physical and mental well-being at risk. If caring for your aging spouse has increased your stress, it's time to consider a nursing facility. With a skilled nursing facility, your spouse will get the care they need. And, you can get the rest you need for your physical and mental well-being. 

Medical Needs

It's not uncommon for medical needs to increase as you age. If your spouse has increased medical needs, a  nursing facility can help. That's especially true if your spouse needs round-the-clock nursing care. One of the benefits of a skilled nursing facility is that your spouse will have 24-hour medical care. That includes access to emergency medical care, should the need arise.

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