3 Reasons To Hire A Home Care Nurse Through An Agency

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3 Reasons To Hire A Home Care Nurse Through An Agency

15 November 2017
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Do you have an elderly parent who is no longer able to take care of his or her daily needs without your assistance? Have you attempted moving your parent into your house to make things easier, but he or she has refused to do so? Resolving the problem might be easier than you think, as hiring a home care nurse is possible. Be sure to go through a nursing agency for the nurse because choosing an independent one might turn out to be a mistake. Browse this article to learn why hiring a home care nurse through an agency or in home care services company is the wisest decision to make for your parent.

1. Security that the Nurse is Trained

If you hire an independent home care nurse for your parent, there is no guarantee that he or she is properly trained for the job. Even if a certificate is presented as evidence of training, the certificate could be counterfeited. Hiring the nurse through an agency means that you can rest assured that he or she will have the education, skills, and experience for taking care of all of your parent's needs. The skills home care nurses need are very vast, and the nurse should be able to care for your parent no matter the type of help that is needed. For example, the home care nurse should be able to cook, clean, take care of medical needs, and bathe your parent.

2. A Lower Risk of Hiring a Criminal

Hiring a home care nurse that you found independently, such as through a classified ad, is a bad idea because you won't know his or her criminal background. He or she can provide you with information to run a background check, but it might actually be information that was stolen from someone else. Nursing agencies run background checks that are thorough, such as by going to a great extent to find out if the nurses are really who they say they are. You will be able to trust the a nurse that is sent from an agency for numerous reasons. For instance, he or she will have to follow a code of ethics while caring for your parent.

3. The Nurse Can Be Easily Replaced

The perk of having a nurse from an agency working for your parent is that he or she can quickly be replaced, if necessary. For instance, if your parent doesn't seem to have a good connection with the nurse that is sent to take care of him or her, the agency will send a different one as a replacement. There won't be a long wait and process to find a new nurse, which would otherwise be likely when hiring independent nurses. The agency can continue sending nurses until one is found that your parent feels comfortable with. Keep in mind that you can interview each nurse before selecting one for your parent.

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