5 Signs Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living

Are your grandparents starting to have health problems that affect their independence? Learn more about assisted living centers.

5 Signs Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living

13 June 2018
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As people age, they may have trouble completing certain tasks on their own, such as cooking, grocery shopping, or even bathing. However, some elderly people don't want to admit that they need help because they want to maintain their independence. That's why it's important to notice when your family member may need to move out of his or her home. Here are five signs your loved one needs assisted living services.

Recent Falls

Has your loved one recently taken a fall? If so, how long did it take him or her to recover? Older people have more balance issues than their younger counterparts and have an increased risked of falling.

Falls can be very dangerous and cause life-threatening injuries in the elderly. If you're worried that your family member may take another fall, it may be time for assisted living.

Drastic Weight Loss

Noticeable weight loss is a cause for concern in the elderly. Whether it is from depression or being unable to cook proper meals, losing too much weight can negatively affect an older person's health. If your loved one looks a lot thinner, it may not be wise for him or her to live alone anymore.

Little Time Spent Outside the House

Some elderly people go days without leaving the house because they are unable to driver anymore, feel depressed or do not have anyone to spend time with. If this sounds like your family member, putting him or her in an assisted living center may be a good option. Many assisted living facilities offer regular outings for the residents to keep them active.

Lax Housekeeping

Elderly people with physical limitations may have trouble keeping their house neat and tidy. If you noticed clutter, cobwebs, dust, and other signs of being unkempt, he or she may need help.

Body Odor

Changes in personal hygiene habits can also indicate that something's wrong. If your loved one all of a sudden has a strange body odor, he or she may be depressed or has physical limitations that prevent proper bathing. Putting your family member in an assisted living center may be the best thing to do in this situation.

If you have determined that your loved one can't live alone anymore, it's important to talk to him or her about your concerns. Explain to your family member how much he or she can benefit from staying at an assisted living facility. 

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