Personal Care Services To Look For In An Assisted Living Facility

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Personal Care Services To Look For In An Assisted Living Facility

5 February 2021
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Transitioning your loved one to an assisted living facility can provide the extra medical attention and supervision needed to support independent living. However, the best facility will also offer a range of personal care services that can help your relative feel comfortable and fulfilled. Use the following list to inform your choices as you search for the ideal assisted living facility.

Salon Services

Salon services eliminate the need for a trip to the beauty shop or barber. Ask about haircuts, styling services, manicures, and other options typically found in a salon to help your loved one look and feel his or her best. Some facilities may have a salon-inspired location inside the main building, while others might have stylists visit residents' rooms or apartments. Be sure to ask whether or not these services are included in the cost of the room. If salon services cost extra, you can make sure that your relative has extra money in an account for use every month.

Daily Wellness Services

Daily wellness services can help your loved one feel healthy and happy during their time in an assisted living facility. Yoga, Pilates, meditation, and even art classes can contribute to overall health and wellness, and some facilities offer a diverse array of these activities. For some, religious services might be part of a wellness plan, so ask about the availability of a chapel, clergy, and regular worship services. Physical wellness programs should be modified to accommodate all mobility levels. If your loved one uses a wheelchair or walker, ask whether or not classes are modified to meet your loved one's needs. You may also want to discuss the different options to make sure your relative is placed in a facility that offers lessons and activities that fit his or her personal tastes.

Food Services

Many assisted living facilities offer food services, but the types of food offered can vary greatly. As you interview different facilities, be sure to ask about the food services program. Are meals catered, cooked on-site, or heated from frozen? How are different nutritional needs met? You may also want to request a copy of a typical monthly menu to determine if the cuisine served will meet your loved one's standards. A great assisted living facility will offer several options to accommodate food allergies, swallowing issues, and personal taste preferences to ensure satisfaction at mealtime.

Daily Care Services

Some residents at assisted living facilities may need extra help with daily self-care tasks, such as bathing and dressing. Even if this is not an immediate need for your loved one, it's important to make sure that the facility you select offers these options. As your relative ages, he or she may have increased difficulty with these basic needs. Knowing that personal hygiene is always considered will help you and your loved one feel extra peace of mind.

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